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We are the quickest way to obtain Steem Power on the Steem blockchain platform.

Why would I want Delegated SP?

It is what gives you "influence" on the platform and is the life-blood of the Steem blockchain. Your vote power will go up giving you a chance to earn more curation rewards. Also, you get resource credits. With Steem communities coming out resource credits will become a valuable to have.

How long does it take to get my Steem Power?

When we receive payment it takes up to 12 to 24 hours. Usually, 12 hours. We will be working on making it instant shortly.

How long is my subscription good for?

It will be good for 3 months. For a couple bucks a month you can get a nice chunk of Steem Power. We’ll be offering 1 month at a time in the near future.

Can I delegate to your customers?

Yes, this is the next feature that will be added. You'll be rewarded in fiat for delegating to our customers.